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Scraper® is a virtual-reality shooter game with roleplaying game and exploration elements. Created by Jim Ivon, founder of Labrodex Studios, Scraper® uses Unreal Engine 4 and the Oculus Rift to deliver gamers into the year 2076, where they must battle renegade robots in high-rise skyscraper complexes. In an article for 80 Level, Ivon said, “VR was a perfect fit for the title since scale is a major factor in the story. VR gives that incredible feeling of realism when looking at tall structures, machines or even a boss or two!”

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SCRAPER: First Strike

New Austin was more than a refuge from the wastelands of a world ravaged by wars, disasters, and disease. It was the perfect city, a Scraper megacity, with residential complexes that housed millions, food-production towers that extended above the clouds, and robots that served to fulfill every need. But after the world’s most advanced AI witnessed an act human aggression that endangered every life on Earth, he decided to take care of humanity . . . permanently.

SCRAPER in VR, a sci-tech shooter with RPG and exploration elements, will take the player on a journey through a new IP with fully developed characters, story arcs, and a world filled with unique and exciting environments.

In SCRAPER: First Strike, the player takes on the role of Casey Maxwell, a Modified Hover Pod pilot, and a member of the Human Resistance Force (HRF). Your mission is to help the HRF take back Reactor Building 3, restore power to the secret military base, and drive back the Humech robots that have seized New Austin. You’ll explore the world with full locomotion controls, and will be able to modify your weapons, engineer new parts for your POD, and barter for consumables that will help you on your journey. If you have what it takes to carry out dangerous missions, and infiltrate highly secure levels, sign up now with the HRF and help defeat the Humechs!

Game Mechanics & System:

SCRAPER will launch with the beginning phases of a robust RPG experience. In later episodes these features will be continually enhanced.

Trading System: Enemies, containers, and bosses will drop loot of all sorts that allow players to build and upgrade their weapons and vehicles. With a robust trading system, the player will be able to buy consumables, upgrade parts, and acquire missing schematic ingredients to customize their journey according to their playstyle. Explorers will be rewarded with additional loot drops and rare items.

Engineering System: Players can build equipment, and upgrades for their Modified Hover Pod and weapons from the scraps and materials found during their missions.

  • Schematics: A dream POD isn’t realized overnight. Players will need to dedicate time to finding schematics and parts during their journey. Only then will they be able to construct their perfect POD with the Engineering System.

POD Customization: Players can experiment with different combinations of abilities and weapons to find the best offensive capabilities that match their playstyle. With customizable loadouts, the player can take their favorite weapons into battle.

  • Weapons: At launch, SCRAPER is planning to provide numerous weapons for Episode I. These include Blasters, a Plasma Mini-Gun, Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher, Flame Thrower and a Cryo Rifle.
  • Abilities: By use of the utility slots on PODs, players will be able enhance their gameplay and crowd-control abilities with abilities like boost, stealth and an Electro Magnetic Pulse to disrupt surrounding enemies. Upcoming episodes will introduce more diverse abilities.
  • Modification: Modification chips can be attached to utility items, weapons, and equipment to enhance a specific trait, allowing for deep customization and solutions for troublesome situations

Codex System: Players will find reports, archive entries, and participate in events that their POD will record to help contextualize the game’s story.

Interactive VR Experience: Players will be able to touch and interact with certain parts of the world. From controlling your POD and weapons to interacting with non-player characters (NPCs) via terminals and audio, communications, you’ll feel fully immersed in SCRAPER VR.

Mission System: In SCRAPER VR, players will tackle a variety of action-packed missions. In their effort to defeat Humech enemies, players can expect to collect materials, activate terminals, defend stations, repair machines, and escort key NPCs to numerous locations in the Scraper megacity.